Perform Success
Speaking and Training On-Site optimizing CEOs and executives for performance
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Speaking and Training On-Site
Virtual Training for Your Team over the phone and via webinars!
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Speaking and Training On-Site
One-on-One Coaching Rick will guide you to the next level of performance!
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Speaking and Training On-Site

Mental Performance Coach for CEO´s, Executives and Business Owners

From Stress to Perform

Coaching creates goals, strategies, and accountability to take you from where you are to where you want to go.
Coaching will give you more focus, energy, composure, and success.

Perform to your Business Perform for Sports
“Make every day your best PERFORMANCE by aligning your mental, emotional, and physical state to create success.” Rick Sessinghaus

Meet Rick Sessinghaus, your performance coach and mental trainer for high-performance individuals, CEOs, executives and business owners based in Burbank, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and beyond. We are all expected to PERFORM every day in our life and the demands keep increasing. The way to take on these demands is with the improvement of our mental and emotional skill set.

Bob Jugan

President/CEO Security and Freedom Partners Insurance Agency, Inc. Huntington Beach, CA

“Over the past few years you have been a tremendous help to me personally and professionally! On the personal level the training you have provided on trigger recovery and anchors has been priceless!! I have been able to enjoy social events more along with improving the relationships in my immediate family. My enjoyment of my golf game has improved, too. Recently we discussed sleep issues and as a result I have gone from 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep per night to 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and I feel great, now.

No longer do I fall asleep after diner out of sheer fatigue. On the professional side, we increased our annual bonus by 400% as a result of your work with myself and my employees. Our people understand how they can be triggered and show to stay in a joyous state thought the use of anchors. For the first time in over 34 years I feel like we are all working together for our common goals. The usual office tension is gone and that is priceless.”

Coming from a high-level sports background by being a professional golfer, Rick as your mental coach knows best how to stay highly competitive and to improve performance under pressure and stress. He will help you to increase your mental performance by optimizing your cognitive, emotional and physical skills to achieve your goals and top your expectations!

It's all about PERFORMANCE!

The cutting-edge technology will be quantifying your results. In one-on-one coachings for mid-level or high-level executives, performance and speaking training for teams and individuals you will be learning performance-based techniques, mind and skill sets for more success and more energy in every area of your life.

Learn how coach Rick's PERFORM for Success systems creates the solution!


Have a goal, a target and intention set for every PERFORMance.


Maintain proper emotions and energy level during the PERFORMance.


Define a role with clear intention of behavior for set expectations.


Focus on what is relevant in the present and what can be controlled.

Optimal State

Believe in success with the needed confidence and attitude level.


Utilize the tools to overcome any challenges.


Take responsibility for your actions and results by creating a routine of PERFORM habits applicable no matter the situation.

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