PERFORM for Business We are asked to do so much more in the business arena with fewer resources.

The only skills you can now rely on are how you show up to each day. Those meetings, sales presentations, and leading the team are directly affected by how you PERFORM. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but you can take back control of once you embrace the mental and emotional skills that will determine your PERFORMance.

This system is about performance in life. Rick believes our life is a performance and we play many roles (spouse, parent, coach, leader, team member) and each needs to be trained to achieve success and happiness.

Using the PERFORM system allows an individual to shift between roles and achieve peak performance in all areas of life leading to satisfaction, happiness, and overall success.

How do you change performance variables? Rick’s AIM Process - Assess, Implement, Mastery - gets you started by evaluating performance inhibitors and the steps needed to over come them.


  • Perform Assessment
  • DISC Profile-determine triggers
  • Coaching Call-Create Perform Plan (focuses on the weakness to strengthen)
  • Feedback, worksheets, Audio/Video moving from assess to implement


  • You have the training down but will be walked through the environment and provide the tools needed to get through all cycles
  • Determines the controls in our life the core of the trigger
  • Scenario role playing


  • Constantly training habits and routines in all environments
  • Preparing for pressure and stress


Take your PERFORM skills to all areas of life.

Engage Your Team with PEFORM!

Rick's PERFORM System can benefit a business, a sports team or an individual --anyone ready to step up their game for increased success. Learn More about Rick’s speaking topics that will enhance your team’s execution and how his Find Your Business Zone Workshop will allow your team to align their inner game fundamentals with their business skills for maximum performance.