PERFORM for Health Mental Training for more Energy

The Burn-out became our generation's disease! Especially are high-level performers at risk of burn-out. Why do we feel burned out these days?

  • People are getting more stressed
  • People have less time
  • People are tired and losing focus easier
  • People experience a lack of energy that affects every area of their life

The burn-out is a heavy health issue which of course leads to a performance issue. As an expert for mental training, Rick has a solution for this – the main key to help is ENERGY!

  • So you feel highly stressed?
  • Are you too busy leading a company and neglecting your health for success?
  • Are you not enjoying your life anymore, feeling unhappy?

You can only be the best version of yourself and give the best performance when your ENERGY levels are on top. What effects energy? A healthy diet, nutrition, sleep, exercise, recovery, stress coping strategies and hydration!

People tend to lose the most of their energy through negative behaviors and patterns which are not serving them. What is triggering negative behaviors? Having routine-based habits, bad habits in this case. Rewriting your own programme by implementing the right set of habits through mental training is the key to success! Rick will help you build the right habits and stick to them.

Mental training, Mental Toughness, More Resilience – all through Routines, implemented on a Consistent Basis!

New behaviors equal new results. What are the steps that are needed to achieve that goal? Rick will help you to develop a powerful intention, cope with emotional triggers, shifting to an optimal emotional state!

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