Virtual Training Your Personal Mental Coach Online

Rick´s proven performance enhancement system is also available in the form of virtual training – as mental coaching for teams, for example. Why? Because the positive effects of coaching lie in its consistency. Just a single session done by your mental coach probably won‘t change anything, having your coach there consistently leads to significant changes.

Just think about Olympic teams, a huge part of their performance success depends on how good their coach is. An excellent mental training is often the determining factor in athletic success rather than physical skills only.

Virtual Training over the Phone, Webinars, Skype and Online Portal

As an alternative to one-on-one coaching sessions, Rick offers virtual training, that can be done over the phone and via webinars to keep your team on track to perform and constantly work on the improvement of their mental and emotional skills.

The virtual training comes highly customizable for your business/team's needs. The program is divided in monthly modules on subjects on performance and health. With the ability to be interactive and follow up exercises, based on Rick provided workbooks, the new performance skills will get a chance to get implemented properly. This can be done over conference calls, webinars and an online portal provided by Rick.

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